~rainbow mondays~ sun and moon

morning glory IMG_0268

good morning glory! there are some vibrant sunrise (this morning) and sunset (last night) colors in this week’s rainbow, thanks to smoke blanketing the whole northwest. a little beauty coming of all the tragedy.

sunrose IMG_0265

pink IMG_0267

pink: sunrise roses

sunrise IMG_0260

now that we’re awake…


red IMG_0201

red: afternoon apple at the vacation house

red IMG_0215

red: just wow.

orange IMG_0244

orange: sun melting into the pacific


orange IMG_0239

orange IMG_0232

orange: i couldn’t choose….

yellow IMG_0229

yellow: lighting the ocean aglow

green IMG_0203

green: afternoon sun through the bushes

blue IMG_0255

blue: the porch light at the vacation house! isn’t it rad?

blue: like the well-known haiku by hokushi:


moon IMG_0241

i hung the moon on various

moon IMG_0233

 branches of the pine.”

moon IMG_0235

(it was out while i was watching the sunset show last night.)

purple 20150823_173854

purple: mystery flower that my mother out-law was given; with a little help from google i think it is brunsfelsia, also known as yesterday, today and tomorrow, which makes sense as in the early part of its blooming, several different shades of purple were present.

we are off to new york to celebrate love and family!!! prepare for photo overload bombardment in one week’s time…

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning (or evening. really, even the day of the week is optional.)

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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