~rainbow mondays~ come and get your love


rainbow is there IMG_1915

can you see the rainbow behind quinn? it’s very faint, but it’s totally there.

rainbow IMG_1948

how about now? this week’s rainbow monday is dominated by pictures from wilderness wednesday, otherwise known as veteran’s day, which quinn and i spent together.

newt house IMG_2028

orange: hard to see any orange, but the little newt peeking out from under quinn’s leaf house has bright orange toes and belly.

orange IMG_2024

orange: some of the colorful fungus among us on wednesday

yellow IMG_1967

yellow: another little forest of mushrooms

yellow hum IMG_1992

yellow: smack in the middle of exactly 35 frames of eagle pictures i took, a hummingbird came and perched right beside us.

green hum IMG_1995

green: and then it perched, backlit, on the other side of us, before it flew off.

green magic IMG_1957

green: it was this magical kind of day. (cue the eagle montage, soundtrack: come and get your love)

blue eagle IMG_2011

blue eagle 2 IMG_2012

blue eagle 3 IMG_2013

(alternate title: me when rich gets home from work)

blue eagle 4 IMG_2014

blue eagle 5 IMG_2015

blue eagle 6 kiss IMG_2017


blue eagle 7 IMG_2021

blue: can you  believe that sky?!?! what a gorgeous day to be alive.

pelicans IMG_1925

blue: back on the coast, the pelicans are still hanging out. i think they are usually headed south by now?

blue IMG_1838

blue: a photo i forgot to post weeks ago, of a cool bench i sat on to talk to my bff on the phone.

we’ll have to live without the reds and purples this week… but we do have some bonus colors:

brown IMG_1982

brown: at first i thought this squirrel was just another type of fungus growing on the side of the tree.

yin yang black white IMG_1909

black and white: more kitty cuteness. kitty balls once again in yin and yang formation. professional nap takers.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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