simple poems

like a message in a bottle, or a time capsule i never intended to bury, i found these quotes waiting patiently in my drafts folder, and a quick search tells me i never published them. a little gift to me from my couple of years ago self, the electronic equivalent of scraps of paper found in a pocket. being a space cadet has its advantages.


this morning when i was driving out our dirt road to bring quinn to school he told me, “you’re going too fast. go as slow as a heron when he’s walking.”


Copy of leaf

(there weren’t any pictures associated with the post yet, so i took the liberty of going back to the photos from around the dates on these quotes… also a fun trip down memory lane!)

camp trike 1 small

“look at those geese! they’re forming a moon!”



“this is the u.p.s. fishing boat, calling the u.s. coast guard, come in… we’re having a pelagic emergency!”



“can we keep hearing the talking about exploring diabetes with owls?” quinn requesting to continue listening to terri gross’s fresh air interview with david sedaris because “i like the sound of his voice and what he’s saying.”



“even the salmonberries have fairies tending them, mama. there are fairies tending every kind of plant that has food that we eat. and then, when we eat the salmonberries, the fairies tend us instead!”




(about romper the chihuahua)”he’s running around so fast it’s like he’s water running through a pipe!”




i hope your day brings you a gift just as sweet!

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