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and first you decide what you’ve gotta do

then you go out and do it

and maybe the most that we can do

is just to see each other through it

we make our own gravity to give weight to things

then things fall and they break and gravity sings

we can only hold so much is what i figure

try and keep our eye on the big picture

picture keeps getting bigger

~ani difranco hour follows hour

the word lighthearted chose me for 2016; but how does one quantify the weight of a heart? the way gravity acts on the literal mass of an object, or the significance we impart to it? i adore my man’s penchant for seeing miracles where others might perceive trauma. there is choice in lightheartedness; like editing we choose what remains, what we omit. when things get heavy, we change their weight by helping one another with the carrying. this playful photo of quinn making his latest stop-motion arctic movie hints at the pulleys and rigging that can lighten a load.

i’ve decided to allow myself 100 words for these weekly photo challenge posts, kind of a fun game; and then i decided that quotes (and this disclaimer) don’t count against that limit. because i get to make the rules on this blog, ok?

participating in the weekly photo challenge from the daily post: weight(less) is today’s theme

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