~rainbow mondays~ sunsets galore

took me a few weeks to accumulate this rainbow… kicking off with some rainbow sunset reflection magic.

rainbow reflections IMG_4282

wet sand rainbows, reflecting rainbow plexiglass wind screens on hotels perched on the cliff, reflecting the sunset.

red IMG_4403

red: roses are red for valentine’s day… in leaf anyway.


orange IMG_4241

orange: lately i am taking my camera with me everywhere. i barely got around the corner from my house, pulled the car over on the shoulder, and took this one.

orange IMG_4141

orange: from a beach walk with quinn, this orange log really stood out among all the gray/brown.

orange IMG_4137

orange: lots of plastic on that beach… sigh.

stormy horizon sunset IMG_4098

orange: squall at sunset

orange IMG_4395

orange: sunsets galore.

feather IMG_4299

yellow IMG_4297

orange-yellow: these two were from date night last week with my love. we have watched quite a few sunsets at the beach lately, and that night treated ourselves to a nice dinner out, too.

crane IMG_4376

yellow: karate kid practicing his crane stance

yellow IMG_3941

yellow: this was from one of the other after work sunsets at the beach.

yellow IMG_3986

yellow: the path ahead will have unexpected curves in it.

yellow green IMG_4439

yellow-green: a special valentine

green guardian IMG_4250

green: the guardian of the beach, with green glass shining in the setting sun.

green IMG_4253

blue IMG_4182

blue: a few leftover blue petals still holding their color.

lighthouse IMG_4310

blue: nice lighthouse you’ve got there, sweetie.

blue bike in cloud puddle

blue: biking in the clouds with one training wheel… the sky’s the limit!

purple IMG_4142

purple: plastic beach


purple: sunrises are at the right time for me to catch them again.

gray IMG_4186

gray: tree in the puddle

trees IMG_4118

brown: trees in the sand


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ sunsets galore

  • camp boss

    like the rainbow!! do you think kora could get a surprise gift from her oldest auntie?? the hydrangea in 5×7 with frame would look awesome in her new room which is close to that blue color. I hope we have time to catch up soon. if you have time or energy and want to help move next week /weekend we would love to see ya.

  • yes and yes! although, would she prefer a hydrangea in all its summer glory more than the overwintered one? maybe i could do both… šŸ™‚ i am sure we can find some time/energy for next weekend moving… we’ll need the return favor in a few months!!!!!

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