~rainbow mondays~ pizza and cupcakes

plum IMG_4621

pink: sunrise backdrop behind plum blossoms

red IMG_4710

red: cupcake number one

red IMG_4690

red: pizza toppings

candles IMG_4708

orange: apple cider era party napkins (see also: thanksgiving), lego birthday candles, and buddy’s shirt complementing nicely with quinn’s choice of turquoise shirt for the day. sister camp boss will also recognize the plastic blue plates from her daughter’s birthday last summer. low budget vacation house birthday!

yellow IMG_4642

yellow IMG_4637

yellow: holding down the yellow corner for the early spring rainbows and always looking so lovely…

green IMG_4685

green: something borrowed (awesomely retro green tray) and something blue (impulse buy “galaxy” sprinkles).

blue IMG_4715

blue: cupcake number two. here he is giggling, watching his two buddies vie for the last bites of the guacamole.

blueprint IMG_4670

blue: his birthday present blueprints! piper’s toolbox a big hit, a more detailed geek post about that to come soon…

sunrise IMG_4617

purple and more pink: sunrise once again, and i am up before today’s to bring this birthday weekend wrap-up to you. happy monday, friends!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ pizza and cupcakes

  • camp boss

    love the blue plates AND the boy in the orange shirt!! 🙂 not surprised he wanted the last nibbles og quac, we love yiur green goodness. a wonderful birthday rainbow, hope it was a grand day for the birthday boy!! maybe next year you will invite the sister camp boss! I ate the leftover pizza and it was marvie!! you still game for st. pats day on the 26th? and does Q still want a car for pinewood derby, it is the 12th??? I can drop it off on Thursday if he does. sorry not much build time, I have been busy.! 😉

  • they are all beautiful, but the sunrise behind the plum blossoms… wow!
    jenny recently posted..signs of life

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