simmering a rew part 2 ~ heat thoroughly

continued from simmering a rew part 1

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the demise of summer/fall seems to be what prompts me to traditionally pull some cards from the two decks full of magic and bioluminescence that i keep on hand for inspiration and affirmation, and once again i pulled some for my man and my boy as well as myself. the man cards… turkey vulture and st. john’s wort, all flow and generosity. no big surprise there. flow; of our housing adventures in short sale negotiation, he summed things up with, “it was starting to feel forced, so i knew we needed to go a different way.” generosity: the quote by hafiz on the second card :

“even after all these years, the sun never says, ‘you owe me.’ imagine a love like that. it lights up the whole sky.”

is one i’ve used to describe his love for me before, and it is still so fitting, even after all these years.

yellow IMG_4016

whole sky, lit up

and even after all these years, there are new surprises. at a fancy birthday dinner for his mom, rich added a drop of cream to his dessert coffee. i was shocked, because in four years, he consistently uses a giant dollop of honey (or raw sugar if no honey is available) and never once have i seen him use creamer. “i don’t even know who you are anymore,” i fake-wailed, and we shared a belly laugh over our flourless chocolate torte with homemade lavender ice cream.

wait IMG_4165

friday’s sunrise on rich’s truck: “hold on, honey, don’t drive away yet…”

rich told me back in september that he didn’t like hearing me laugh with quinn’s dad over some of the things quinn had said about his first day of school (it was a dad week, so i was getting the first day report over the phone). rich was really careful about how he talked to me about it, careful not to make me out to have done anything wrong, while still communicating a request that i not do it again. it was more protective than jealous. he talked about how he likes my “very musical laugh” and reminded me “he doesn’t deserve it.” imagine someone having an objection to something you’ve done, and while telling you that, managing to make you feel like you’ve just been given a compliment and told how much you’re treasured.

imagine a love like that.

anniversary sushi 20151222_172833

our sushi anniversary date

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