~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

just 23 of my favorite images from the past few busy weeks.


red IMG_5814

red IMG_5763

red: seeing the vacation house spring blooms appearing is a happy side effect of living there 2 or 3 seasons longer than we originally anticipated. it has continued to be a haven of beautiful wonders to behold, you gotta love providence.

red IMG_5912

red: last night quinn tagged along with me on a market training and tour of the farm i work for every other saturday. we were csa customers for years and have toured there several times, but never before in this early spring season. i am so glad i brought my camera along.

orange IMG_5962

orange: the farm stand restaurant is another haven of beauty, with so many details creating a feast for all senses, not just the tongue.

orange IMG_5937

orange: i love to be involved with this farm, because a little part of me will always be homesick for the farm i grew up on, and although it’s 3000 miles away and not a dairy, this farm has a lot of little reminders… an antique manure spreader and a silage chopper, bending like an old dinosaur reaching to munch on some of the nearby vegetation, could easily be spotted at either farm.

yellow sunset blossom vhIMG_5829

yellow: sunset over the apple blossoms at the vacation house.

yellow IMG_5888

yellow: another old farm equipment photo for my dad, i love the way there are some vivid yellow lichens growing on the hood, as if to match the truck’s original paint job.

green IMG_5949

green: farm stand in the afternoon sunlight.

ussie IMG_5955

green: reflection ussie.

reflection IMG_5946

green: even better reflection, like something out of a dream of mine.

green heart IMG_5706

green: i don’t even really need a special lens anymore to see hearts everywhere i go.

green rain vh IMG_5741

green: april showers.


green: lemon balm, a happy surprise growing next to my doorstep at the new dragon house.

blue IMG_5805

blue: lots of happy surprises there, as we discover little secrets in every corner of the yard. my mom was reminding me that i have always loved forget-me-nots, and they were also one of nana’s favorites, which makes them extra special to have around my  new home.

blue IMG_5903

blue: opting out of the compost tour, he decided to chill on the flatbed truck and listen to sparkle stories.

blue IMG_5944

blue: see what i mean? love is all over the place.

blue IMG_5760

blue: if you have to do homework, at least you can do it outside on the front porch.

purple IMG_5916

purple (and green!): one of these things is not like the others….

purple IMG_5808

purple (and green!): lilacs of the dragon house. oh so happy about this.

purple IMG_5806

purple (and green): these are in the stone flower bed in front of the dragon house. one more happy surprise!

pink purple vh IMG_5725

vacation house… this azalea’s blooms got pinker, though i had been calling it purple. file under: red violet.

pink apple blossoms vh IMG_5711

pink: vacation house apple blossoms

pink dh IMG_5809

pink: the earliest rhodie at the dragon house is in full bloom, a lovely vanilla ice cream with a hint of strawberries.

i hope you are taking many moments to enjoy the feast for the senses spring is bringing you, wherever you may be planted!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

4 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

  • Holly.

    Your comment about your ability to find hearts everywhere without a special lens got me thinking. Maybe you could write a post (or even an email to me) with practical steps you have taken to see and reflect on goodness rather than entertaining negative thoughts. I’ve got a couple books coming on the subject, but would love your insight…someday (

    And…For the record, Foret-Me-Note are also one of my personal favs.

    • tonight it was the strawberries in our fruit salad… quinn saw the hearts, too. that’s probably the biggest motivator for me, is that if i’m going to teach him how to have a positive outlook, i need to be practicing it myself. i will put some thought into practical steps. i am not much of a tutorial writer, but i should probably think more positively about that, huh? excited to hear about the books, keep me posted.

  • camp boss

    I love seeing all the new flowers greeting you at Dragon house 2.0, especially the lilac because it is my personal favorite!! also like having a sister planted near by.

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