~rainbow mondays~ pink trees and pancakes


it’s a birthday week rainbow!

buddies IMG_5582

black: quinn outgrew rich’s son’s karate uniform, and now b pancake fits in it… almost! bringing her to karate was probably the highlight of quinn’s time with the pancakes…

birthday man IMG_5694

pink: approaching cautiously, we are able to observe the elusive birthday man species in his natural setting (pink-flowered trees, naturally.)

pink IMG_5169

pink: i enjoyed the way the sun shone on the various rosy hues worn by these women on the beach, as well as the universality of women’s behavior, regardless of culture and religion, to flock together, talk incessantly (we’ve got a whole world of problems to solve after all), and take group selfies.

red2 IMG_5506

red: woodpecker all fluffed out and preening.

red IMG_5689

red: the red/purple combo is a favorite of mine. i love the way the neighbor’s red rhodie is intermingling with their lilacs.

yellow IMG_5613

orange: more new life springing forth; sister’s chicks glowing in their heat lamp.

yellow IMG_5671

yellow: and other yellow birds…

tree pose IMG_5217

green: tree pose superimposed on a back yard tree. savoring the last weeks we’ll be living at the vacation house, and the favorite spaces and angles of light we’ve grown to love here.

green IMG_5210

green: belated easter wheat grass table centerpiece.

green IMG_5353

green: these are some of the trees that come with dragon house 2.0…. speaking of angles of light and growing to love a place… oh, it’s getting very exciting. we took our pancakes for a tour while they were visiting… so many memories to be made…

quinn miniboo IMG_5166

blue: when he was a bun in the oven, some referred to this kid as mini-boo, after my college nickname, boo. there are some who say he is living up to the reputation of being my mini. i think i will end up being his mini before too long, in an epic mother-son role reversal as he surpasses me in size in a few short years. i was just reading back over some seemingly prophetic things he said when he was 3 along those lines:

“quinn yesterday was naked waist-down and splashing in tide pools yet again. (it was super nice and warm, for february). he would get ready to splash through yet another one and first he’d shout “into the heathers of the waters!” and splash in. i have asked him what the heathers of the waters are. last night he said “it’s the heathers of the wind!” oh them, ok. love his made up words/meanings. i think it’s ripples? or something along those lines. i love it.

then he told me “i’m TOO COLD!!!!” so i stripped him and zipped him inside my jacket. he had on only his fleece jacket and was wrapped around me (i hadn’t brought the sling) and he snuggled down. then he looked back up out of my jacket  and said, “when i get bigger i will put on a big jacket and when you get little i will put you in it and carry you.” (tucked his head right back in.) i said, “oh wow sweetie, that means a lot to me that you’d do that for me.” and he replied, “yeah, that means a LOT to you!”

after that, while still zipped in my coat: “sing me a quiet song about the indigo girls.” definitely my mini in music preferences.

drops drop IMG_4882

blue: played with shutter speed one day while raindrops playfully careened off the corrugated porch roof.

blue IMG_5651

blue: i finally got one to stand still enough to be able to see its blue face feathers…

purple IMG_5692

purple: the lilac half of the red/purple combo, right around sunset.

tip test IMG_5234

purple: guess who passed his tip test? this purple belt. here’s to perseverance!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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