~rainbow mondays~ butterfly butts and darth moths


red IMG_7294

red: the biggest one

red IMG_7309

red: seeing hearts

red IMG_7334

red: a dragon of dragon house 2.0

darth moth IMG_7317

red: darth moth

orange IMG_7244

orange: lilies of the lab

yellow IMG_7315

yellow: one of the best things about the bayou walks is the wafting aroma of honeysuckle lurking around various corners

yellow IMG_7407

yellow: i finally sat still long enough to catch some swallowtail photos

yellow IMG_7422

swallowtail IMG_7401

it was impossible to just choose one…

yellow IMG_7345

yellow-green: western tanager is still hanging around, eating the neighbor’s plums in addition to our cherries.

green IMG_7298

green: another frugivore munching huckleberries on the bayou trail.

green IMG_7220

green: the bayou

hum2 IMG_7206

green: fauna of the bayou. yes, i know, seeing a mama hummingbird feeding its baby was supposed to be once in a lifetime, but apparently someone goofed, because i just got to witness it twice in the same one. (different birds: this one has apparently fledged but is still getting help from mama; this one is in our backyard, while the others were from work.)

hum2 IMG_7212

so glad i happened to be holding my camera.

hum2 IMG_7214

thank you, universe.

blue IMG_7255

blue: more bayou fauna, this time cedar waxwings.

blue IMG_7342

blue: the view from down here

blue IMG_7282

blue: finding some creative alternative lighting options for the dragon house kitchen. since we don’t get real fireflies here, we’re having to mimic bioluminescence with artificial firefly jars: micro leds in an old blue jar above my sink.

blue IMG_7232

periwinkle: there really should be more periwinkle in the rainbow…

purple IMG_7250

purple: bayou grasses

butterfly butt IMG_7425

purple: butterfly butt, as it turned its back on me to drink from each and every blossom on the bright purple buddleia.

purple IMG_7374

i hope you have a fantastic week!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ butterfly butts and darth moths

  • camp boss

    Frugivores unite!!!!! word!! love it, our door is always open to our fellow fruguaman. I love that you know the names of everything flora and fauna alike, I need some schooling from ya.

  • lesson one: get good at stringing together google search terms to find out what fauna you’re looking at… “yellow bird red head dark wing” in an image search took me to western tanager lickety split. i looked up cedar waxwings a few years ago when a zillion of them came and ate all the berries in the ash tree in the ols back yard in a matter of a few days. they made an impression on me. 🙂

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