~rainbow mondays~ redwoods and blue belts

it’s a full moon, summer solstice, celebration rainbow!

solstice full moon IMG_7481

sometimes you need to meditate on the absence of color in order to appreciate the colors!

woodpecker IMG_7608

red: quinn and i watched a family of 3 woodpeckers practice climbing up our redwood tree.

red IMG_7687

red: sometimes it’s just another dead leaf on the gravel driveway, until the sun hits it just so…

z IMG_7595

orange (and friends): i love picking quinn up from camp boss summer program, becoming absorbed into the family chaos, plopping myself down on the awesome polyester picnic quilt, and getting my fill of baby squish.

yellow IMG_7494

yellow: quinn and i interrupted our baseball game so i could attempt to capture these two. “they’re playing!” he observed. i think that’s a nice way to describe it!

green IMG_7678

green: some of the tree friends we are getting to know little by little. i love listening to rich be able to tell people in conversation the exact number of redwoods, port orford cedars, or sitka spruces we have on the land.


green: a water strider walking on the bayou.

blue IMG_7446

blue: dragonfly on the dragon shed.


blue: one final note of celebration: quinn promoted to blue belt on friday!!! (photo credit to another karate parent, i couldn’t be there on friday; so grateful to get to see his beaming smile!)

karate IMG_7583

purple: last days as a purple belt. i’m so proud of him!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • camp boss

    love the orange and friends in this weeks rainbow!! we love to suck you into our chaos and give you time with baby squish. they say ” it takes a village” but what it really takes is a mom and dad to shepherd and a bunch of loving aunties and uncles to spoil.

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