~rainbow mondays~ farm, fair, fun!

farmbow 20160709_075812

rainbow farm fresh goodness! i’ve become a bit of a compulsive rainbow-maker….

rainbow IMG_8381

there were so many rainbows at oregon country fair… just sharing a few, and of course, most of the individual colors in this week’s rainbow are courtesy of fair as well.

rainbow tent IMG_8410

rainbow ktie IMG_8574

rainbow IMG_8466

rainbow unicorn IMG_8403

rich told me that the rainbow unicorn lights up a night… i’ve never been that motivated to be at fair for the duration, but the way things light up at night does sound mighty intriguing! maybe one of these years…

red IMG_8385

red: always amazed at how much attention is paid to detail in every corner of fair…

red IMG_8456

orange IMG_8504

orange: again with the details… layers upon layers of sumptuous fabrics, woven into the tree branches and moss…

orange IMG_8409

orange: yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

yellow IMG_8443

yellow: we visited the buddha statue down by the ritz sauna who ended up wearing my flower crown at the end of last year’s fair.

yellow IMG_8539

yellow: vibrant fairy wings!

green IMG_8461

green: i just love the way the fair has grown in harmony with the forest around it, and is built in such a way that the forest absorbs it back into itself over the decades.

green IMG_8389

green: dragon eggs!

blue IMG_8465

blue: somehow even an old blue tarp can look amazing, under the right circumstances.

blue IMG_8569

blue: traditional kite train launch at the end of fair, backed by blue sky.

purple IMG_8543

purple: the purple couple, on their way out the gate. headed for happily ever after.

purple IMG_8468

purple: may your week be magical!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

1 comment to ~rainbow mondays~ farm, fair, fun!

  • camp boss

    the way fair looks through your lens seems so wonderful and yet I know it would probably be too much and overwhelm me. but I do love your fair rainbows.

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