~rainbow mondays~ float down memory river

rainbow quilt IMG_8215

rainbow glow IMG_8278

rainbow spring roll IMG_8280

it’s a camping rainbow! and it’s coming to you on tuesday! i’ve been a little… distracted! more on that soon! probably with continued excessive use of exclamation points!!! but first, camping quilts, glow sticks, and spring rolls to launch us into an inner tube to float down the river of memories from our fourth of july family camping weekend.

q raftIMG_8056

red: ready, set, float!

orange IMG_7909

orange: crab over the coals from our family fisher cousin/friend. so much good feasting is done around the campfire.

yellow IMG_8104

yellow IMG_7726

z foot IMG_7765

yellow: birds, trucks, and baby blankets accentuating exceedingly cute toes.

s dino

green IMG_7885

mb z IMG_8219

(photo credit: rich!)

q z miniIMG_8302

capture flagIMG_7948

q IMG_7937

green: lots and lots of green whenever we are camping. hard to choose just a few! another dino boy in the family, the light through the vine maples, the ample baby borrowing opportunities, the mini-boo trying out how to snuggle a baby in a sweatshirt like he saw his mama do, alternating his play time roles between playing capture the flag, football and card games with even bigger kids, and playing what time is it mr. fox, play kitchen, and shepherding littler kids across the river or pulling them upriver on the raft, equally at home with all the age groups. also taking time for himself as needed, to binge-read greek mythology texts and dinosaur science comic books. he also spent a small sliver of his time snuggled up one on one, conquering logic puzzles with mama.

blue IMG_8090

blue: this sums up the river for me: sun on little kid bare arms, cold clean water splashing the dust and mud off of little kid bare legs. it’s always such a fun weekend.

comics hope q IMG_8253

wog IMG_7897

elsie purpleIMG_8100

purple: shared love of comics by all, especially our insatiable reader kiddos, endlessly taking turns on the tire swing, which barely ever sits motionless the entire weekend, and laughing with cousin/sister/friend/family people we hold near and dear to our hearts. hope your holiday weekend was as colorful and joyful as ours!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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