~rainbow mondays~ the height of summer

rainbow zinnias IMG_8741

veggie rainbow 20160723_073650

rainbow IMG_8707

rainbow boys 20160729_174206

rainbow IMG_8879

rainbow dahlias IMG_8921

rainbow flower butterfly quinn IMG_8982

happy rainbow monday! let’s celebrate it with lots and lots of flowers, butterflies, cute boys, fruit, veggies, tie dye clotheslines, and other vibrant summer color! it’s no wonder my very first rainbow monday post was written this time of year, with the abundance of color as far as the eye can see.

red IMG_8989

red: crocosmia at my outlaw’s house.

red IMG_8651

red: wild strawberries growing in the dunes.

orange IMG_8743

this color defies naming but fits in the spectrum somewhere between red and orange, i feel (except of course for the green undersides; i love green flowers). friends took rich and i out to dinner to celebrate our engagement, and brought us a lovely bouquet of zinnias.

orange IMG_8635

orange: beach photo self care walks have been a thing for me recently.

orange IMG_8690

orange: the professional cuteness committee has taken up this sleeping bag as a new hiding/napping spot.

orange IMG_8992

orange: speaking of tigers…

orange IMG_8959

orange: can you find the butterfly?

orange IMG_8966

orange IMG_8968

orange (and yellow): this sunbleached swallowtail was looking a little the worse for wear, as he fluttered around my mother-out-law’s beautiful garden.

orange IMG_8904

peachy-yellow: sister’s dahlias

yellow IMG_8919

yellow: evening primrose watching the sunrise

yellow IMG_8899

yellow IMG_8894

yellow: another swallowtail with some chunks missing.


yellow: a refreshing cider on a lovely afternoon date with rich in between the 2 and 6 o’clock showings of quinn’s theatre camp performance.

green IMG_8788

green: kid’s camp at sister’s house with lots of kids and fun!

green purple IMG_8678

green (and purple): huckleberries thinking about ripening on a beach walk.

green IMG_8744

green: zinnia

green 20160729_105127

green: estuary self care walk without even a camera, but i did have a phone along.

blue IMG_8985

blue: egg treasure

blue IMG_8681

blue: the mood isn’t blue, just the outfit. he looks intense because he is mapping out the entire backyard in order to make an on-paper version of pokemon go (he plans to hide pokemon on me, and have me hide them on him). there was also a version played at kid’s camp using fallen green apples as pokeballs while walking around a pasture.

blue 20160729_104431

blue: estuary jelly

blue 20160729_174254

blue: when the mood does get a little blue, just put a baby on it.

purple IMG_8647

purple: beach pea.

theatre camp purple IMG_8783

purple: the awesomeness that is theatre camp. there will be more words about this in lifelong learning posts…

purple IMG_8958

purple: pretty foliage at outlaw’s.

purple 20160729_103941

purple: estuary clams. have a great week, and remember to take care of you in the middle of the busy summer whirlwind!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

3 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ the height of summer

  • camp boss

    seeing a new rainbow is the highlight to my Monday.!! I really look forward to seeing all the color. you really have a true talent for capturing the moment, it’s amazing. you rock. it looks like z wants to stick his toe in q’s ear. babies playing with cousins,pokemon go redneck style and tie dye clotheslines are a few of my favorite things.

  • z was trying to trade q things for his glasses… at one point it was his pacifier (i almost slipped and used the b word on you) and then it was a chunk of dried grass. quinn was unwilling to relinquish the glasses, however. i am glad we share so many favorites! šŸ™‚

  • Holly.

    All I can say is…love…love…love…

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