~rainbow mondays~ birthday butterflies and broken boards


red: maple waiting on the sidelines to get transplanted.


red: handsome fiance, pressing apple cider like a boss.


orange: we’ll take the little bit of fall color that we get here on the oregon coast.



yellow: vine maples down by the bayou.



green: some more lovely fall specimens


green: the cider press in action! this action shot is mostly for my new york family who needs one for all the apples on the farm!


green: post-karate traditional stop at the laughing planet cafe, for smoothies and yummy fresh food, and dinosaurs.


blue: looking a little tropical on the coast one sunny day recently.


blue: lucky beach treasure


blue: blue belt having just broken a board with his hand!


blue: cotton candy sunrise sky at the dragon house.


purple: birthday girl in her butterfly hoodie. after i got it finished, i was jealous and now i want to make one for myself. this kiddo was born right around the time i was eyeing a certain yoga hunk and trying to figure out how to chat him up, which means we are almost five years old like she is!


purple: because we’re all about action shots today, the butterfly testing her wings and getting ready to take flight!


red violet: last days of the geraniums living outdoors, just before i whisked them inside in time for heavy rain and wind (though not as heavy as predicted). it’s always good for me to remember that fall (and even winter,  and even big predicted winter storms) contain many breaks in the rain with bright wonderful sunshine. my camera and i, we chase the light!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

1 comment to ~rainbow mondays~ birthday butterflies and broken boards

  • camp boss

    apples, butterflies, tater tot casserole and hunky grooms to be!! a wonderful weekend indeed. thanks for capturing my butterfly at her bday party.

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