~rainbow mondays~ bulbasaur, bayou, beets, blue squash


do you ever just think your food is so pretty that you take it outside, arrange a (rainbow) still life, and take a picture?


red: i found this stack of dried leaves curling up in my car from the day quinn and i went to our karate day camp and broke boards. we took a walk at lunch time, and he talk-played a ninja game with me and we picked up leaves.


red: sweetgum tree at camp boss’s house. i went to take pictures of her cubs in a brief sunlit window between extended dance remix rain showers.


orange: pretty star shaped leaves.



yellow: golden beets, among friends. also this week in yellow (not pictured): mama earned her yellow belt in karate!


green: romanesco, cousin of broccoli and cauliflower, but with much cooler florets – 3-d spirals with texture.


green: cabbage leaf or topographical map of a river?


green: reminder.


green: i am proud to have finished this year’s costume well before the deadline. it wasn’t even 2 am, and it was finished on thursday night, allowing for this cute frog photo shoot before he went to his dad’s on friday. this year’s pokemon is bulbasaur, in case you were wondering.


blue: mini blue winter squash make me happy. they also fill a crucial role in the vegetable rainbow, for blue veggies are rare!


blue: hawk in the blue sky over camp boss’s house.


purple: napa cabbage in red violet. what a beautiful batch of produce this week!


brown: my fiance and i happened upon this bayou wildlife on a walk we took recently. bayou walks have been less frequent, due to play rehearsals and rain, but we were rewarded for sticking with the tradition on this particular day.


black: one last produce photo, a black radish that i altered with my zester. much quicker than a jack-o-lantern, so i will chalk it up to self care, just like this post. self care for the win!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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