~rainbow mondays~ frosty the rainbow

rainbow markers. this is a marker holder i made for quinn years ago… and had out as a christmas present prototype!

the christmas presents all seem to follow the rainbow theme, actually…

subtle rainbow from winter crops…

vibrant thrift store rainbow i only took home in photo format

red: robins are lurking around all the juicy backyard berries

orange: the backyard was a little bit frosty this past week!

orange: it pays to be up before sunrise on a saturday to set up for farmer’s market… in more than just veggies!

orange: though the veggies are a wonderful form of payment!


yellow: though it has been cold, the clear chilly days have allowed for some sunlight to reach earth.

yellow: and when it does, the angle of the light is so low that there are good photo moments as long as the light lasts.

green: frosty grass

green: sea lions enjoying some of that bright sunshine on a buoy.

green: this lad has just promoted to green belt! given that he set a goal of achieving his green belt before age 11, and that he is still 9, i think this is quite an achievement, and certainly a goal realized! i think his completely exhausted-but-happy smile says it all.

blue: achieving some air during his belt test, still sporting his blue belt. it was hard to choose one image, they all show how far he has come in his practice.

purple: our front door friend has a nice purple hairdo.

purple: it’s hard to name it one color, and if i did it might actually be red violet, but it felt like the right set of photos to end on for the week!

enjoy these shortest of days, hold those loved ones close, and treasure any sunlit moments you can find!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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