~rainbow mondays~ gladness and joy, like the rainbow

my good friend, frederick douglass, was asked how it felt in his first moments of freedom from slavery. he found that words were inadequate to capture those feelings, saying, “anguish and grief, like darkness and rain, may be depicted; but gladness and joy, like the rainbow, defy the skill of pen or pencil.”

still, we have to at least try to express the whole range of our emotions. and photos help, when trying to convey the simple gladness and joy of our daily lives.

i’ve been trying to be the rainbow in my daily work, or at least, having fun whenever i can.

red: signs of spring! the peonies i planted in the fall as bare roots are already starting to come up! i am hopeful that they will be blooming in the temporal vicinity of a certain summer get together i am hosting. i cherish the memory of waking up to the sight and potent aroma of peonies on my bedside table, placed there by my mom, on the morning of my high school graduation.

orange: probably a more accurate crayola name could be found for this raw burnt sienna umber color, but i just loved the bright rusty inner bark layer of these black walnut slices rich is making for his daughter.

yellow-orange: sunset therapy, whenever i can manage it.


yellow: did i mention how pleased i am that spring is arriving? this is the time of year i start to feel human again and come out of hibernation. everything starts to feel possible again, when the daylight lasts a teensy bit longer and life starts to emerge from the earth in the form of flowers.

yellow: this lad is (visibly) enjoying his new dojo. he tested for his full adult yellow belt on saturday with great success.

green: signs of spring emerging and winter retreating. i’m excited to see what flower bulbs are to be found around our yard!

blue: more daylight, more blue sky, more gladness and joy.

purple: i was particularly glad and joyful when rich discovered a patch of my favorite color of wild violets already established under the big cedar tree in our front yard. spring is coming!

red violet: sunrise overlooking our newly expanded eastern vista. always a great color to complete a rainbow post, the color of love, the source of all gladness and joy.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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