~rainbow mondays~ beginnings and endings and all the things in the middle

rainbow wedding research and development makes doing the dishes much more stimulating. this round of flowers includes pear blossoms, quince, that pink flower that grows everywhere which i just learned is a wild geranium called herb robert, a daffodil looking lovely today, a dandy dandelion, fern and lemon balm holding down the greens and making it smell lovely, forget me nots and pulmonaria trying to tell themselves apart, and some purple and white blue bells. (blue bells are like red onions… purple.)

tidepool rainbow gloriousness. on a beautiful friday with no school, quinn and i enjoyed a lovely tidepool excursion together.

i also had my first minecraft lesson. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. and make a rainbow stained glass greenhouse.

pink: the liberty apples are blossoming.

pink: and our first rhodie has bloomed!

pink: wild bleeding hearts are taking over for the trilliums and trout lilies.

red violet: my cultivar bleeding hearts are blooming right in synch with their wild counterparts. something feels right with my world now that i have bleeding hearts and peonies growing.

red: crusty stuff on a shell, surrounded by other reds and pinks and purples.

red: my ride around the farm on sunday for market training. things also feel right in my world when i’m on a farm.

red: the farmstand restaurant is such a beautiful spot.

red: baby chard

red: more baby greens

orange: madrone driftwood

orange: nudibranch sightings!

orange: and this creepy thing… we thought it was a stringy piece of trash, but its “head” moved…

see? i have video of it moving… um… i’m stumped! i know not what creature is quite this long and safety orange colored and stringy.

orange and yellow: my daffodil variety pack had a few of these lovely orange-centered beauties!

yellow: a buoy we set down on the beach, intending to take it off with us, but it was picked up by another kiddo and taken off by her instead. i will have to tell quinn i did manage to document it while he was holding it.

yellow-green: fucus (seaweed) with mussels, sunshine, and waterfall.

green: this anemone seems to have extra ruffles.

green: so many beautiful anemones… this one was showing off its adornments and its entourage of snails so nicely.

green: and this one seems to have recently gobbled up a tiny crab.

green: landscape with boy

green: “it sounds like we’re walking on ice with lava under it.” -quinn

green: nudibranchs make us smile.

green: endings… the trout lilies have lost their pretty petals.

green: beginnings… alyssum with a rogue pea

and corn starts!

blue: a jellyfish plague was visited upon our coast.

blue: taken one at a time they are cool looking… slipping/wading through them by the thousands… a little overwhelming.

blue: chiton photo by quinn

purple: sea urchins in the sun!

purple: the inside of the crab’s carapace is so gorgeous!

purple: and did i mention endings? we’re all feeling about as soggy as this trillium these days…

brown: owl driftwood

brown: drift nut heart

black/gray: ice/lava substrate.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • camp boss

    what tidepooling fun!!! one of these days you will have to bring the pack along, and impart some of your tide pool knowledge to us.!! We are definitely at our soggy limit!!

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