~rainbow mondays~ meadowhawks and dragonberries


rainbow veggies! i am soaking in the brightly colored summer vegetables while we still have them for a little bit longer. and of course, i compulsively arrange them into rainbows.

a real live rainbow!

pink: pink and pink! and a shout out to flat bride, wherever she may be adventuring!

pink: the seashell cosmos have done very well in the rainbow garden.

red: the day was october 3, but following so closely on the heels of self care september, and being my half birthday, i gave myself an extra hour at the beach after my lunchtime run so i could enjoy the dragonfly migration. meet Sympetrum corruptum, the variegated meadowhawk.

red: zinnias of the red persuasion.

red: dahlia “northlake pride.” isn’t it fun when the freebie tossed into the box of dahlias you ordered turns out to be completely awesome?

orange: dahlia “crazy legs” was another freebie and has been one of the most productive plants.

orange: dahlia “fire magic,” which was obviously a chosen dahlia, based on its name!

orange: same goes for dragonberry, of course!

orange: my single tiger lily bulb did not seem to thrive, but it did produce this one lovely bloom.

orange: itty bitty sunflower “evening colors”. the deer ate most of my sunflowers.

yellow: lovely zinnia isabellina

yellow: a rainbow bouquet, but that “happy day” dahlia sure stands out!

yellow: these happy surprise anemones bloomed in our front yard recently.

green: i almost filed this under orange, for all the sparks!  and hotness. i got to watch my man doing man things with a grinder, and that was a highlight of my weekend. he is helping revamp our family cider press for our upcoming annual apple cider party.

green: the reason i went back inside the house on the morning of october 3. then i stuck my camera in my car, rather than take it back inside. and then the dragonflies appeared!

green: i’m just a little pine needle. nothing to see here.

green: some of the dragonflies were not meadowhawks, and i’m not sure whether they too were migrating, or whether they were just in the same vicinity doing their residential thing.

green: i cannot be sure whether this is a meadowhawk, i think not because it is more silver than red, but i often see them perch just like this. and also, i’m ok not knowing.

blue: i am more interested in bearing witness than studying them, anymore.

blue: and playing with my camera to try to photograph impossibly moving subjects.

blue: actually, gray. but the ocean sure was blue that day! and it was soooo annoying that these whales showed up, because then i had to decide whether to focus on them or the dragonflies!

blue: ok it dove! back to the bugs.

blue: this might be a first-time accomplishment for me, capturing two in one frame! they helped by flying by me about one every 10 seconds! i went back two days later, on another gloriously beautiful, 80 degree, windless day, and not a single dragonfly. year of the ephemeral indeed.

blue: man doing more manly things. taking care of my car. swoon!

blue: quinn also pulls his weight sometimes. sweeper of the trampoline!

blue: my husband is also handy at spotting things up in trees. we foraged! these elderberries will become some lovely flu prevention syrup for this winter.

blue: that blue stuff is also very useful for preventing the flu, but i’m still taking my vitamin d supplement, even though we have been blessed with some lovely sunny days.

blue: i am very proud to have grown this beauty from seed. it’s the little things!

purple: midnight moon is a gorgeous dahlia, which really does resemble its namesake.

red violet: actually, its name is purplicious! but we love a little red violet in every rainbow.

red violet ish purple ish: sunset is starting earlier, but we still have a few flowers. i must remember that fall is not yet winter.

black: it’s coming up on black cat season, and now we are ready to sprawl out like this silly guy and get some rest.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

3 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ meadowhawks and dragonberries

  • Camp Boss

    Yes don’t forget fall is NOT winter!! I keep telling myself the same thing. Our trees are getting all dressed up for fall and maybe on the next sunny day we can swing a pack picture day and get some family shots and a few of each kiddo. The trees make a lovely background. (:

  • Camp Boss

    Your mother was a hampster and you father smells like elderberries— Monty Python

    I couldn’t help myself!!

  • annual apple cider party! coool!! wow. i had no idea about the dragonfly migration. that is amazing! and the whale! yes, what a nuisance! you poor girl 🙂 amazing show of colors. really enjoyed this.

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