~rainbow mondays~ hummingbird rainbow

i said one time that i wanted to make a whole rainbow of hummingbirds, and this week my wish has come true! most of these will be photos from the past, until we get to the biv section of the rainbow, where a friend’s costa’s hummingbird filled in for me this week.


orange! this is the same one from the first image, and there are two more of him as well, he was a particularly colorful guy from dragon house 1.0 who managed to cover royg all by himself!


greens… this one seemed very green when he held his head at this angle. then of course we have the females’ plumage with lots of greens:


blue: i admit that i didn’t even know there were hummingbirds with blue coloration, and i am in total awe, and so glad my friend shared her front window, as well as a delicious cup of rooibos tea, with me. looking at this picture, i have a line from a song that susan tedeschi sang at the concert rich and i attended friday night, a cover of a george jones song called blue must be the color of the blues:

there’s a rainbow overhead with more blue than gold and red
blue must be the color angels choose

even though i don’t have the blues, it was a very pretty song and this is a very pretty bird. and for some reason, rainbow lyrics jump out at me.

we never seem to make it through a concert without a rainbow making an appearance, and i never seem to make it through a show dry-eyed. the first encore was susan accompanied only by piano, singing leon russell’s a song for you. heart achingly gorgeous. like him:


red violet… it wouldn’t be a complete rainbow without it!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • camp boss

    I think I recognize some of those hummers ;-)!!! so glad to see some if their beauty displayed all in one post!! We now have tea on Tuesday for breakfast so feel free to stop by for a cuppa!!!!

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