star date 95577.75

today we celebrate our six year anniversary! one thing about the shortest, coldest days of the year that warms my heart, is that i found the love of my life during this part of the year. if there is anything symbolic of the return of the sun to my life, it is his love for me.

it’s been a big year for us! we went from happy fiances to happily married as the earth made its way this time around the sun. and now we are an old married couple! just like that.

we still like to have fun. on a recent morning, as we were wooing each other in the reverse strip tease of going-to-work morning readiness, i flipped my hair (think conditioner commercial… he was doing it with his long tresses, too, in my defense) and also accidentally tossed my (solid rock) pendant up in an arc past my face. we then laughed and joked about having nearly chipped a tooth flaunting my beauty. it isn’t easy being pretty!

photos from the day before our wedding!

we spent a recent span of weeknights going out on nightly “star dates” to watch the geminid meteor shower, because we had freakishly clear weather for our part of the world, coinciding with the shower’s peak viewing nights. by the last night, we had improved our setup from standing up and craning our necks, to lying down on a tarp/sheet with a fleece blanket on us. we saw lots of meteors! appropriately, he popped in the movie stardust, just before we went out for the star date on the peak night of viewing.

we also went to star wars the last jedi, and that’s all i’ll say about that! and we saw some live music. actually, it was quinn’s school christmas concert, and it was delightful to hear children’s voices singing, “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go!” my son is getting so tall he looked to me like a stick figure wearing pants that were paradoxically both too short and too big to stay up around his waist.

he has been away for two weeks, and came home today to celebrate christmas! we are so happy he’ll be home. it’s a great anniversary present.


i’ve been enjoying a chuckle about this particular calvin and hobbes comic shown to me by quinn, and extending the metaphor i’ve been using this season of finding my own inner light. sometimes it is hard to locate the proper muscle. however, i do think rich finds my gluteus maximus to be a source of light, for his part. so there’s that.

snapdragons still blooming, saying something about the tenacity of us dragons. on our anniversary date (observed last night, of course), we reminisced a little about how much we went through in the early days, and how i was so amazed he stuck with me. i’m so happy to be spending my life with him, even after all these years!

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