~rainbow mondays~ delphinious

it’s the merry month of may, with flowers brought to you by april showers, and the most likely month of the year in which rainbow mondays will take place on tuesdays.

red: there is now more light reaching the leaves of our little japanese maple tree, because sometimes my husband participates in unauthorized dangerous activities while i am away at farmer’s market on saturdays. he built his bridge and walked out on it with his chain-saw-on-a-pole to saw a few limbs off of this cedar. always trying to let more light into our lives, that guy.

red: red-legged friend in my rainbow garden

orange: california poppies with forget me nots and herb robert flowers.

orange: this bee thinks comfrey flowers are the bee’s knees. you could see her orange saddle bags a little more in some other angles, but i had to choose this shot because i love how she has dived into this flower with such abandon. busy bees are certainly an apt mascot for this busy month!

yellow: the golden chain tree has bloomed its curtains of flowers.

yellow: mustard-covered fields viewed from the passenger’s seat.

green: i got to play assistant chef to the guy in the trex shirt, as he arranged plates of lemon-filled crepes with strawberries, sliced moro oranges, and whipped cream.

green: a bayou friend sipping from the newly bloomed twinberry flowers.

green: rich and i are both fascinated with the dramatic stages of budding and blooming on this chinese snowball tree. one of my favorite stages is when the flowers are still green, on their way to becoming snowballs!

blue: speaking of snow, several fields full of white flowers threw us for a loop under the warm blue sky of may when we drove through the valley. we saw signs for radish seed nearby, and i think radish flowers are white. otherwise, it could be some sort of fun flowering cover crop.

blue: also on our valley drive, we stopped at a favorite place to rest and found the wild delphinium in full bloom.

blue: it was good to immerse myself briefly in their setting; cool, blue, blossoming right where they are meant to be. their name, synonymous with the effortless, gliding grace of a spirit friend of mine, reminds me of my word of the year, streamline. a timely reminder, that i am unfurling my petals right where i need to be, too.

purple: i am grateful today for my husband’s way of knowing when i need a little aromatherapy (when he steers our walking path past the lilacs in bloom), or therapy behind the lens of my camera (making possible this here rainbow post), or simply need to be hugged for a long time and told i am loved.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ delphinious

  • camp boss

    That man of yours sure is a keeper!! Love the flora in the rainbow!! AHHHH spring rainbow flowers!! At first look i thought it was maybe a picture from your New York trip with a snowy hill, but it was flowers…AWESOME!!!

  • Lau

    Your photographs are so amazing that while I sit here smiling I’m also itching my nose at the flowers it’s so realistic.
    I love that little bee! ❤

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