~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

why i love spring: metaphors for rebirth literally growing on trees; the mascot for lightness of being zooming past my head each time i walk out my door; the spiraling of life curling outward into the light; and oh, the light!

rainbow flash!

perhaps inspired by spring, my husband and i are purposefully taking brisk walks, and some slower but longer walks… on the beach!

so nice to catch a sunset on the beach!

lightness, light, and pink blossoms!

baby pink: i am having fun being a nana.

petal pink

red: this rufous male has been showing off quite a range of colors! he is pictured multiple times throughout the post.


orange: moths and bumblebees fluttering in the flowers.

orange: this was amazing to witness! hungry robin (with rusty orange breast) yanking on a worm!

orange: flashy face with backlit tail feathers.

yellow: skunk cabbage in bloom

yellow: angled to shimmer like gold…

green: and emeralds!

green: dusty rose fairy gown columbine foliage emerging!

green: skunk cabbage after a spring rain

green: trilliums! we are amazed at how early these have bloomed this year!

green: i think i am somewhat related to plants in that i only start to feel alive again this time of year. grateful for the light activating my chlorophyll!

green: even the trout lilies are up! depending on how you tilt your head, you can see their curled leaves as spiral heart tunnels.

green: trout lilies almost ready to bloom!

blue: i spied the first forget-me-nots yesterday!

blue: i also witnessed a bald eagle flying overhead stealthily, because i just happened to be looking up.

purple: this young anna’s male has a striking plum color to his plumage.

purple: and perhaps a little candy pink mixed in for good measure?

tan: sand like dragon scales. love the texture!

brown: dahlia spiral memory; in addition to the benign neglect creating habitat for beneficial insects, it provides a  frequent perch for the hummingbirds.

white: spring rebirth inspiring me to dust off my heart-shaped lens to look upon this beautiful world!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

4 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

  • Holly

    Exhale. I love your spring pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me. I definitely miss the familiarity of the coast this time of year. It’s harder to find little spots of beauty around here. I’m still not sure where to look for it.

  • Holly

    Eek. Baby toes!!

  • mamaC

    Glad to read your words and see your beautiful photos….the post really gives the feeling that your cup is running over. Which makes me feel like I’m looking through a heart-shaped lens, myself!

    by the way, how far away is baby(!!!!) & family from you, nana? (NANA!!!!)

  • camp boss

    Wow, im late to the comment party, this time. I love the spring rainbows…all the hummers!!! It has been a feeding frenzy at our house with the fun little birds and it’s awesome to watch! I think i enjoy the seasons a little more when i look through your eyes (photos)!!!

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