Remembering Max the sea lion (1990 – 2020) today, with a stroll down blog memory lane.

This year of heartbreak continues to take much.

We will cherish our memories with Max from our many aquarium visits…

from this post


and this one


and one more…


We’ll miss you, Max!

(art by Quinn at age 5; the name Selkie is from the book Nim’s island, Max was our one and only first-name-basis sea lion friend)

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  • mamaC

    I read both your posts yesterday but I had trouble posting again. I loved this sad post and I’m glad I visited the link and watched the video there yesterday. I sent the link to Joe so he could read about Max and see that footage. So wonderful to see Quinn’s art again, and his avid 5-year-old face. Also, I enjoyed how in the second photo of Quinn at the aquarium (the one from the Quinn’s 39th month/melody-harmony-rhythm post), I kept feeling like I was seeing toddler Quinn and current Quinn, because the person standing behind him, at the very edge of the photo frame, evokes the Quinn of your recent photographs from hikes and beach visits. (At least, evokes him to someone not-Quinn’s-mama.) Probably not tall enough, but combination of long dark hair, the slim build, the jeans, the dark hoodie, all contribute to this feeling of seeing grown Quinn and little Quinn together in the same photo!

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