the portal

I reached the light at the end of the swim tunnel.

I continue to rise at 4:00 to write every day.

The portal is open, the ideas are flowing onto the page, I am diving under each wave and coming up breathless and ready for the next.


I have been accepted into the Mountainview low-residency MFA program in Creative Nonfiction.



This is just one of several amazing doors opened by taking a new step towards actively pursue my writing goals.


My mentor reminded us at the end of my first workshop that it’s necessary to write daily, but also to sometimes put down the laptop and go for that hike.

Which is wisdom I already embrace.

2 comments to the portal

  • Holly

    Congratulations! Wow!! I hope we get to learn more wisdom from your mentor and from all that you learn!!

  • Thanks, Holly! I’m sure I will overflow with things to say as the journey continues. I’ve been thinking of that book you recommended a while back, Word Painting. That one was really influential with helping me focus more on sensory details. Turns out that is still what I keep learning, over and over again. I saw your final blog post and I’m pretty sure the cats must have been shedding while I was reading it. Love you.

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