family ~ wait, i’m a cousin?!

i have a passel of posts planned for the next week or so, to share about our trip to central new york to visit my family. i took many, many photos with my new camera, and mine were not the only fingers clicking that shutter. the week flew by so quickly that a little reliving . . . → Read More: family ~ wait, i’m a cousin?!

the bee’s knees

pretending at the park, quinn, who was a fish at the time, climbed out of his fish tank because i said it was time to go, and asked me to wait up. he wanted to hold my hand, and as he grabbed it, he said, “now let’s pretend we are married.”

i played along, . . . → Read More: the bee’s knees

where fedex fears to tread

i love our home. i love the laundry running on the super-dry cycle by the woodstove. i love the christmas lights twinkling all around the rooms. i love the enormous trees surrounding our home like they are the world’s tallest sentries standing guard. i love the moss on the roof. i love the long . . . → Read More: where fedex fears to tread

around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass

(easter 2011 wheatgrass, half-grown)

the wheatgrass easter basket idea has made the blog rounds for years and i don’t know whose original idea it was or i’d give credit. we are a week into our easter grass growth for 2013, but believe me, there is still plenty of time if you want . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass

self esteem

i just added a new folder to my photo folder on my computer: age 6. yes, i organize my photos based on my son’s age (in monthly folders within the current age folder, even after it stopped making sense to relate his age to people as “72 months”). to me it makes perfect sense since . . . → Read More: self esteem

i will now slay you with cuteness

last saturday, we stopped at the farmer’s market on our way to the children’s festibal. we had a tip from a friend that a baby lamb was in attendance at the market that day, and indeed, little elf was wrapped in a towel and sitting at the booth with her farmers.

they know . . . → Read More: i will now slay you with cuteness

around the farm

the parental dahlia that furnished the seeds of the new baby mystery dahlias; deep purple foliage and brilliant orange blooms…

… and the results are in! the first mystery baby, grown from saved seeds is yellow!

sunflower volunteer, having been messed with in photoshop to bring out its peachy coloration.

. . . → Read More: around the farm

around the farm


before summer snuck completely by us, we swept the cobwebs out of the playhouse that is sitting right there in our front yard, and made it into quinn’s domain. he set up his kitchen inside, and promptly began to play a game of chess against himself.


speaking of play, our living . . . → Read More: around the farm

~around the farm~ sweet tangerine

the farm now features a chest freezer and a “pantry”. there is no before picture of the pantry because a pile on the floor is too unruly to be captured in pixels, but here is the fuzzy after photo.

there’s my furniture (is a chest . . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ sweet tangerine

~around the farm~ pocketful of peas

quinn and i made $20 on our produce last wednesday, so now it feels more legitimate to call this an “around the farm” post. not that i was worried about legitimacy, but it was pretty fun to sell some stuff. everyone bought the salad mix with the flowers in it. everyone thought . . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ pocketful of peas