what would yoda do?

i feel as though i have spent an increasing amount of energy getting groups of professionals to spend a diminishing amount of time with quinn, providing me with more and more far-fetched “plans of attack” for how to deal with his behavioral challenges, while they rule out in mere minutes that any of his challenges . . . → Read More: what would yoda do?

where fedex fears to tread

i love our home. i love the laundry running on the super-dry cycle by the woodstove. i love the christmas lights twinkling all around the rooms. i love the enormous trees surrounding our home like they are the world’s tallest sentries standing guard. i love the moss on the roof. i love the long . . . → Read More: where fedex fears to tread

black and white

i burst into tears yesterday over a passage (no, actually, it was a list in the sidebar) in the book i’m reading on asperger’s and parenting. the heading of the sidebar was behavioral manifestations of anxiety. all sixteen of the listed items applied to quinn. i hadn’t fully understood all sixteen of them as manifestations . . . → Read More: black and white

learning how to love

rich and i take turns leaving each other “reading assignments” from the newspaper. we both follow along with a recent series in the oregonian of “northwest love stories”. the most recent story i happened to catch first, and leave for him, but more often than not i am the one receiving these reading assignments, as . . . → Read More: learning how to love

team quinn

all in all, i think team quinn prevailed on wednesday. but i really think it would be great if all of the 20 or so people who were in that conference room on wednesday would join team quinn.

i am still trying to process what went on at this two hour meeting, which was called, . . . → Read More: team quinn

in which i eat my words about labels

on wednesday afternoon i picked quinn up from his dad’s. shortly thereafter, i texted my best friend that i had just realized i was now breathing again. until then i guess i had been holding my breath and when i had him back in my arms it was okay for life to resume. tuesday had . . . → Read More: in which i eat my words about labels