~thankful thursday~ chronologically beset

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~black and white wednesday~ that’s a wrap

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~black and white wednesday~ love letter with no words




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~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

why i love spring: metaphors for rebirth literally growing on trees; the mascot for lightness of being zooming past my head each time i walk out my door; the spiraling of life curling outward into the light; and oh, the light!

rainbow flash!

perhaps inspired by spring, my husband and i are . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

39 ~ letters in the sand

i had wanted to say more during women’s history month, but here we are slingshot into the month of april, and 2 of my 3 big events of the year have come and gone. quinn is 10! i am 39! and our wedding is a few short months away, for which we are giddy with . . . → Read More: 39 ~ letters in the sand

~rainbow mondays~ slowly unfurl

pink: practicing gratitude for daylight savings, and appreciating that i can be up before sunrise once again for a brief few weeks…

pink: my fiance comes home with his truck covered in cherry blossom snow each day lately.

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~black and white wednesday~ spring textures

date nights

bayou walks

dappled sunlight

wedding day imaginings




new beginnings

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~rainbow mondays~ finding the color

colorless: right around this time of year, things start to feel about like this for me: washed out gray birds in a gray sky flying south without me. my rainbow practice becomes increasingly important for me to strive to do, so i can remember there is actually still a lot of color in the . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ finding the color

~thankful thursday~ the essentials: love, water, light, nachos

i’m thankful today for water. i am listening to a lot of water pelting the metal roof of our house, and overflowing the gutters. the driveway pond is now a thing. i am thankful for the bayou that is filling up with all this fresh rain. . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ the essentials: love, water, light, nachos

~rainbow mondays~ redwoods and blue belts

it’s a full moon, summer solstice, celebration rainbow!

sometimes you need to meditate on the absence of color in order to appreciate the colors!

red: quinn and i watched a family of 3 woodpeckers practice climbing up our redwood tree.

red: sometimes it’s just another dead leaf on the gravel driveway, until . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ redwoods and blue belts