ten ~ an order of magnitude

for grammy and me, and anyone else who would like to go back and revisit previous birthdays…

last year i was startled to realize that quinn was halfway to 18, and now suddenly he’s halfway to 20. for some reason, time . . . → Read More: ten ~ an order of magnitude

recollections from the tummy

“when you were growing inside my tummy, i ate lots and lots of these little oranges. i always love getting them every year now, because it reminds me of when you were in there.”

“yeah! when i was in your tummy and you would eat the little oranges, it made me . . . → Read More: recollections from the tummy

on being born

quotes from my three-and-a-half year old (he just celebrated his half birthday!) on babies, and the way they are born….


“now i’m big. i used to be a little guy/little baby, but then i got bigger, and now i’m big!” around this time he was . . . → Read More: on being born