~rainbow mondays~ merry and bright

rainbow dragon costumes for pancake granddaughters. this shipment hasn’t been made yet, because grandpa found out some little girl stats about favorite colors and animals, and went on a mission to find a blue bunny and a white mouse for his girls.

solstice beach sunshine rainbow

rainbow christmas lights! which will probably . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ merry and bright

advent affirmations

for the two weeks that quinn was gone leading up to yesterday (and the start of our two weeks together! yay!) i sent him some advent notes to open each day… and i’m going to store them here for him to be able to look back on someday.

December 10: One thing I love about . . . → Read More: advent affirmations

~rainbow mondays~ heart-shaped holidays

this week in rainbows: raining rainbow hearts on his sweet face.

remembering to see my world through my heart-shaped lens over the holidays…

seeing the world through heart-shaped glasses

he says it looks like hearts are coming out of his mouth!

red: generation x, raise your hand. several of my . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ heart-shaped holidays

goodness and light

dear family and friends,

i am not sending a christmas card this year. as far as holiday greetings go, this post is all i’m planning on doing, and if you want to send us any cards, you’ll need to email me for our po box. it’s like we’re in witness protection. i’m planning on sending . . . → Read More: goodness and light

2012; whole lotta love

my word for 2012 is whole. the nice thing about wholeness is that it doesn’t end when this year fades into the next; if anything it just gets better with age. i didn’t actually write much specifically about my word for the year, but on the other hand, i was writing about it every time . . . → Read More: 2012; whole lotta love