38 is great!

my 38th birthday started off a little bit earlier than i might have preferred, but it was for a good reason. i needed to feed my 32 tanks full of larval herring their breakfast, which is a 2-hour process each morning, and i am the sunday fish feeder… and instead of doing that work from . . . → Read More: 38 is great!

nine is divine!

it’s a magical number. 3 is the magic number, and 9 is the magic number squared! there is so much to love about the number nine and we’ll just try to remain in denial about nine being halfway to eighteen. (gasp!)

nine voyages . . . → Read More: nine is divine!

~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

red: the vacation house is a dragon house, too.

orange: to kick off the weekend, quinn built his ideal band. i believe he had in mind to make this into a video game of sorts, hence the graph paper. he is especially jazzed about having two drum sets. his band also has 2 . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

~a month in the life of a lifelong learner~ take a picture of it instead

i only just finished posting about last month and it’s time for another one! in this season of dim lighting and puddles, it all feels like a big blur, but when i go back and look through, some gems shine through the murk.

halloween, pokemon style.

. . . → Read More: ~a month in the life of a lifelong learner~ take a picture of it instead

thoughts from the other side of the world

the main event on our trip to new york in august was my beloved older brother’s wedding to my beloved sister in law. she’s been in the family since she was still in high school, so it’s not like it was a big surprise or really changed anything, not really. and yet, it was such . . . → Read More: thoughts from the other side of the world

a year in the life of a lifelong learner

i have been delinquent on posting ~a month of unschool~ for so many months now, that it is time for an update on a whole year! i gave up on the idea of back-dating the posts and decided to do one giant long post of the whole year in the life of one . . . → Read More: a year in the life of a lifelong learner

back on the horse

now that jury duty is out of the way, and i only have my 2.5 jobs and house buying to keep me busy, i am getting back on the horse of blogging. actually, i will be down to just 1.5 jobs shortly, as soon as school is out for the summer. then i will just . . . → Read More: back on the horse

equinox and beyond

(i’ll be back with ~rainbow monday~ next week, but have been feeling overdue for a little update. proofreading minimal. you have been warned.)


the fall equinox came and went with little ceremony, other than the lighting of our first woodstove fire for the season. september was rain. it was lying in bed . . . → Read More: equinox and beyond

the binoculars in the time capsule

the second week of school is already over, we are well into the third and i haven’t had a moment to write about the first one yet. i get the feeling i have entered a time warp named “school” and it might not spit me out until sometime around when quinn turns 18. still, . . . → Read More: the binoculars in the time capsule

~a month of unschool~ fossil fueled

before i get too carried away with the school year just begun, i want to update about last month…

it’s been a dino month. (i was concerned that angry birds star wars had eclipsed his first great love, but dinosaurs still get this boy very excited!) a dino project patchwork quilt:

. . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~ fossil fueled