encouragement from crab

i was tagged in a facebook post by a woman whose friend is having surgery for breast cancer, with a request for sending love and encouragement from one woman to another, so her friend would arrive home to a pile of cards and well wishes. it is easy to ignore such a post, because i . . . → Read More: encouragement from crab

a month of unschool

~praying mantis found and studied, released in our garden on the squash plant as it was glowing in the afternoon sunshine~

~finished up our farmer’s market season… reflecting back on how much of a helper quinn was this year, compared to the last . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

the picture

judging by how much he has been staring at it, bringing it places to show people, and falling asleep holding it in his hand, i’d say he likes how it turned out.

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~this moment~ 5 a.m.

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

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gradual milestones

there is a so much right now… it’s overwhelmingly sweet and poignant and heart-wrenching and growth-promoting… i leave on a 10-day research cruise in less than two weeks, and finally was able to start that conversation with quinn, after much hemming and hawing and stalling on my part.

it was pushing 9:30 sunday night. . . . → Read More: gradual milestones