miles under my moccasins

i’m lying with my eyes still closed, most of my head huddled under the covers trying to ward off hypothermia (rich opened windows in the middle of the night without knowing he did so, and also my hair takes 28 hours to dry and i had taken my fortnightly shower just before bed). i am . . . → Read More: miles under my moccasins

~quinn’s forty-fifth month~ hard-won

~written november 2018~

this was a stressful month: just after quinn’s dental surgery, i had to spend 3 days in seattle for work. i decided to take time off to regroup with quinn and even that became a source of stress. all of these exacerbated the category of “coparent stress”, . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-fifth month~ hard-won

~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

~written november 2018~

“there’s a line of babies. which one would you choose?” still exploring the concept of being born, his wording of a line of babies was still the imagery he returned to. whether he was recalling something from before his birth, or describing his . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

~quinn’s forty-second month~ blackberry blueberry peaches

~written november 2018~

the blog was up and running, and a few posts are already sprinkled throughout this time period chronicling our daily life. we had started to define our educational approach as unschooling: exploring, playing, following our interests and passions, trusting an intact love of learning to lead the . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-second month~ blackberry blueberry peaches