make like a geek ~ piper’s toolbox

i discovered piper’s toolbox thanks to an instagram post by a mama blogging friend, just in time for it to be the perfect birthday present for my delightfully geeky young man. there are plenty of blog posts covering the background and technical details of this amazing kit for aspiring young computer geeks, so i will . . . → Read More: make like a geek ~ piper’s toolbox

a month of unschool

field trips! unschooling is always a field trip-oriented way to learn, but there is something about late may/early june that inspires an upsurge in field trip activities even for us. the gravitational pull of the open world becomes stronger and we do not try to resist. we went tidepooling and saw one of . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

stamping fun

inspired by this post, quinn and i did some crafty stamping with clay yesterday. we used what we had around, which was sculpee clay, but the post talked about plasticene. i never follow rules, and tend to just use what i have on hand (this stuff has been around for probably a year in an . . . → Read More: stamping fun