around the farm

between living vicariously through real farmers, and holding my future farming intentions very much at the forefront of my attention right now, hoping to attract all kinds of power from the universe, i am sticking with the title “around the farm” for my sporadic thursday garden tours (i began doing this, inspired by farmama, and . . . → Read More: around the farm


the familiar summer (gasp! did i dare say that?) refrain which you will no doubt be bored of hearing soon: “we went to the beach on sunday!”

we had another rockin’ low tide at a nice leisurely 10 am time slot. this lesser-known beach is a favorite for . . . → Read More: layers

~dwell~ interdependence

oh life, what a funny dance. you may have noticed a certain lack of ~dwell~ posts, the ones i did post having been dedicated to the idea of dwelling in the intention of researching (and ending up on) a live aboard boat. i did a fair amount of leg work researching the idea, including consulting . . . → Read More: ~dwell~ interdependence


wow it’s been a long time since i clipped this comic (or someone else did, on my behalf- it’s been so long, i don’t remember who to give credit to!) at the time, i was a schooner deckhand, which i only know because the clipping lives in my journal from that era. there . . . → Read More: ~dwell~


what a whirlwind week! i have been insanely busy with my job, and we have been sidetracked by a week long gift of nice weather… and so not having much to report on a project seems well justified. i did finish touring the two marinas in town looking for boats. . . . → Read More: ~dwell~


…on the positive. remember how i said last week that i wouldn’t be disappointed if the whole boat thing doesn’t pan out? well, i realized i could express that better (and more positively): no matter how this turns out and where we physically dwell 😉 at the end of the day, i am going to . . . → Read More: ~dwell~


i couldn’t agree more with lisa at visionary mom that once we have formed an intention, the way to bring it to life is to dwell in it. simple as that- you live it, breathe it and talk about it, give it energy. so very law of attraction, i think! i love her idea so . . . → Read More: ~dwell~