one thursday in april at the dojo, i was sparring against a very tall, much bigger guy than me. he reminds me of my brother due to his 6’6” height and his day job having something to do with technology. my left arm up against his right arm was no match, and my shoulder was . . . → Read More: dislocated

~rainbow mondays~ the colors of silence

i’ve found the rainbow connection, at least when it comes to potluck dishes. i was assigned veggies for the family st. patrick’s day get together (celebrated early this year) and though i would personally make a rainbow for any occasion, the leprechaun believer in me felt this was a fitting occasion.

white: we’ve . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ the colors of silence

i will now slay you with cuteness

last saturday, we stopped at the farmer’s market on our way to the children’s festibal. we had a tip from a friend that a baby lamb was in attendance at the market that day, and indeed, little elf was wrapped in a towel and sitting at the booth with her farmers.

they know . . . → Read More: i will now slay you with cuteness