~summer shorts~ give rise

Cascading eggplants, purple onions, and purple majesty potatoes, purple carrots with their orangey-red lateral root scars. . . . → Read More: ~summer shorts~ give rise

~rainbow mondays~ from

Even here, there is still dirt under my nails And untameable roots. . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ from

a happy birthday!

quinn turned four on wednesday!!!

we spent last week with mama mostly home from work, and quinn pretty low key and sniffly and feverish and coughing. on sunday i could see him livening up again, and since it has been cold, i spontaneously busted out some “big stuff” so he could be active indoors. first, . . . → Read More: a happy birthday!


wow it’s been a long time since i clipped this comic (or someone else did, on my behalf- it’s been so long, i don’t remember who to give credit to!) at the time, i was a schooner deckhand, which i only know because the clipping lives in my journal from that era. there . . . → Read More: ~dwell~