around the farm ~ heart salads

the bees have moved on to this new favorite attraction. golden-chain tree. fixes nitrogen, makes bees very happy and lights up the yard with bright yellow blooms.

another corner of the yard is painted purple.

one more nice surprise in the shrubbery department is the tall oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) at the . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ heart salads

simple poems

mama, addressing sick boy while administering herbal remedies of some sort: “blah blah blah blah blah to help you heal.”

sniffly boy: “i like the word heal.”


“what is fire?”


“the letter E has 3 . . . → Read More: simple poems

around the farm

my brassica leaves are all holey and bitten, but after several weeks of relentlessly drowning green caterpillars, there are still some leaves, and more importantly, the prize in the middle. my first cauliflower! we’ve been harvesting broccoli galore as well- eating lots of it now and putting some in the freezer for later.

. . . → Read More: around the farm

birthday 33

the most special young man in the world made my coffee on birthday morning.

then, after we dined on oatmeal, he accompanied me on a satisfyingly long hike in cummins creek wilderness. he was a reluctant hiker at first, asking to ride in the carrier on my back nearly immediately, and i had a . . . → Read More: birthday 33

zero landfill cup of tea

it can be paralyzing to think of the damage our daily actions do to mother earth, and instead of motivating us to change, it can numb us into inaction. in order to move forward, taking one small step at a time is the best way to make real, lasting change. i find sites like one . . . → Read More: zero landfill cup of tea

informed consent and respect

i have several fun posts i want to write, but i just had a week of being put through the wringer and i am going to process this through writing. (and show off another god-kissed ocean picture from the same day as my sunset ~this moment~ picture. that makes . . . → Read More: informed consent and respect

sunday (un)school

some people think unschooling is all about getting to sleep in, but i would disagree, it is about getting up whenever you want to. yesterday (sunday) we got up at 5:30 to catch a negative low tide (when the water is below mean low water level and therefore an unusual amount of beach . . . → Read More: sunday (un)school

our play tables

i was inspired recently to make our dining room table more available for eating again (we rarely eat there, but it’s nice to be able to if we want to) but i needed some place for all the piles of books and random trays of drying herbs to go…. so i set up a table . . . → Read More: our play tables

magical elders

it’s been a wonderful week of hiking, tree climbing, and foraging. spending time with the elders (giant cedar trees, watchful owls, and berries of the elder variety). quinn and i were driving down a road toward the drift creek wilderness near our home and this owl was looking down . . . → Read More: magical elders

mama unschool course; wild herbals and medicinals

one of my ongoing self-taught areas of study (i think of them as mama unschooling courses) is basically, all things plant. i have been reading widely in plant field guides, and especially focusing on edible and medicinal features of wild (i like to think of them as free range) plants. i’m putting together quite a . . . → Read More: mama unschool course; wild herbals and medicinals