digging deeply

i have been digging deeply in the past few weeks, looking ahead to the upcoming season in quinn’s educational journey (as well as my own) and trying to weave together a plan to meet all of our needs (for education, community, income to cover our bills, food, airfare to new york next spring). i think . . . → Read More: digging deeply

~a month of unschool~

(posted june 2013)

~being my nanny helper is quinn’s job these days. he is great at entertaining and feeding the baby we take care of. he also loves the novelty of someone else’s toys, even if they are for a younger set. he spent one afternoon drawing an elaborate . . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~

wake up monday morning and be mama

i remember saying a few years ago, back when i had a 40 hour lab job and was trying to figure out how to extract myself from an oppressive “daycare” situation, that “i want to wake up on monday morning and be mama.” i don’t even remember who i said it to- maybe my journal, . . . → Read More: wake up monday morning and be mama

what would yoda do?

i feel as though i have spent an increasing amount of energy getting groups of professionals to spend a diminishing amount of time with quinn, providing me with more and more far-fetched “plans of attack” for how to deal with his behavioral challenges, while they rule out in mere minutes that any of his challenges . . . → Read More: what would yoda do?

~a month of unschool~ play learn

(posted june 2013)

~lego university!~ building a model ship (from a kit)~ drawing an awesome ewok birthday card for a friend who likes star wars almost as much as quinn does~

~academic stuff like discussing the spanish language over pancakes (he asked enough questions to make me . . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~ play learn

~a month of unschool~

(posted june 2013)

~a hodge podge of photos to tell our unschooling story for this month~

~children’s festival; built a colored pencil box with sliding lid, checked out a bunch of cool slides under . . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~

castles in the air

my bioregional swap partner (who also happens to be the creator of the bioregional swap) mary, sent me an amazing deck of cards. it is a set of 28 cards (number of days in a moon cycle) with photos that she took, and then passages written on the back of each one. she suggested bringing . . . → Read More: castles in the air

~a month of unschool~ winged creatures

(posted june 2013)

~aquarium visit with pancakes; more fish counter sales to mama by the little entrpreneur~

~christmas! lots of building (of new legos and old erecter sets) and excavating (dinosaur bones) and general celebrating and hanging out with family~

. . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~ winged creatures