pancakes then and now

sunday is pancake day at the dragon house, and often i think of the other pancakes while i am stirring batter and pouring maple syrup. on this chilly fall morning, i added cinnamon and apple slices. for anyone newer to reading my blog, i don’t use the real names of other peoples’ children. years ago . . . → Read More: pancakes then and now

~black and white wednesday~

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~rainbow mondays~ float down memory river

it’s a camping rainbow! and it’s coming to you on tuesday! i’ve been a little… distracted! more on that soon! probably with continued excessive use of exclamation points!!! but first, camping quilts, glow sticks, and spring rolls to launch us into an inner tube to float down the river of memories from . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ float down memory river

~black and white wednesdays~ kids these days

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~rainbow mondays~ stop and smell the roses

and now, back to our regularly scheduled monday program.

not sure what color to name it, but it seemed like a good way to begin the week.

red: busy times. but you gotta make sure you stop and smell the roses.

orange: watch cat awaiting our return.

yellow: vacation lilies . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ stop and smell the roses