a summer of unschool

tomorrow is quinn’s first day of school! but not his first day of unschool… it’s roughly his 2020th day of that. and counting… by the way, in case you are catching up here after a while away (i know i have been missing some posts on blogs i follow throughout the summer months) . . . → Read More: a summer of unschool

simple poems

“over the sight

over the dreams

down in the wonderful

honey full



“from the redwood oceans… to the new york houses…. to the new york forests…”

~a saturday in april

“i can see . . . → Read More: simple poems

~a month (or two) of unschool~ expedition to the east pole

i took last month off from posting, since quinn and i lost 3 whole weeks together. but i looked back and there were still a few gems from last month, so today i’m posting our last two months of unschooling.

~we’ve been learning a lot about how . . . → Read More: ~a month (or two) of unschool~ expedition to the east pole

a month of unschool

~the pictures are always so dimly lit this time of year… but i noticed i could see my hands this morning as i was getting in my car, and i can tell there will be sufficient daylight for photography soon! ~ holidays are great unschool time: what’s not educational . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

a month of unschool

~unschooling, the great big un- we know and love… i’ve never particularly liked the name unschooling, i’d prefer to identify by what we are doing instead of what we are not doing… because really when it comes down to it, unschooling is whatever you decide it is~ it can . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

a month of unschool

~praying mantis found and studied, released in our garden on the squash plant as it was glowing in the afternoon sunshine~

~finished up our farmer’s market season… reflecting back on how much of a helper quinn was this year, compared to the last . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

simple poems

in your imagination…

a tree-trimming truck effortlessly becomes “a truck with a gi-hugic space mast!” ~10-2-11

“my first life was in alaska and i left my lights there…” ~10-5-11

(telling a story about quinn, bilbo, and the dwarves . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems

“the rain comes out of the moon’s tummy.” 1-8-11

“i’m the tooth giver” (tooth fairy) 1-28-11

“we should make our own muffin cases soon. (they are just paper)” 1-28-11

his people, in their garden, had an empty muffin wrapper (post-muffin) that he wouldn’t let . . . → Read More: simple poems

the lovers, the streamers, and me

mostly quinn listens to the same music i listen to, and really, really likes it. i’m sure most kids are like that, i know i absolutely adored the statler brothers and johnny cash growing up, and still have a big old soft spot for gospel. quinn is the biggest bob marley fan you will ever . . . → Read More: the lovers, the streamers, and me

simple poems ~ story ice cream in a bowl

i knew that as soon as i posted about quinn’s little one-line poems, i would find a dozen more in some pile of pocket lint lodged for “safekeeping” in a very safe, undisclosed location in my house…. undisclosed to me, that is.


“the trees are making it wind

. . . → Read More: simple poems ~ story ice cream in a bowl