simple poems

many of the things my little boy says are poetry to my ears:

12-4-10 on our way somewhere… (i manage to gather a fraction of these bits of poems on scraps of paper and a few of them survive the trip through the laundry in the pocket of my jeans and . . . → Read More: simple poems

unschoolish weekend

he lights up my life. i just recently learned of martinmas, and was intrigued because everyone seems to walk around carrying cool handmade candle lanterns. when i finally read some of the stories of martin of tours, and how he was a soldier who helped a beggar by offering him half of his cloak . . . → Read More: unschoolish weekend

~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

~written november 2018~

“there’s a line of babies. which one would you choose?” still exploring the concept of being born, his wording of a line of babies was still the imagery he returned to. whether he was recalling something from before his birth, or describing his . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

on being born

quotes from my three-and-a-half year old (he just celebrated his half birthday!) on babies, and the way they are born….


“now i’m big. i used to be a little guy/little baby, but then i got bigger, and now i’m big!” around this time he was . . . → Read More: on being born

setting the tone

i’ve been thinking a lot about the whole concept of blogging, wondering exactly what it is i’m doing here and what i would like to accomplish. some of my goals center around networking, others are related to honing my writing skills (obviously needed!). partly this will be a journal for myself, partly it will keep . . . → Read More: setting the tone

quinn’s thirty-seventh month ~ into the heathers of the waters

~written november 2018~

stories scribbled on a scrap and tucked into my back pocket have resurfaced after many moons. stories of a bright-eyed, just-turned-three-year-old who delighted in having the puffins at the aquarium splash water onto his soft cheeks. stories echoing in the silvery voice of . . . → Read More: quinn’s thirty-seventh month ~ into the heathers of the waters