educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

custody mediation is a roller coaster ride. focusing on one of the peaks of the experience, i had the opportunity to spend time writing up my priorities for quinn’s education, and i find that i continue to think about it and tweak it even though the decision has been made and quinn is, for reals, . . . → Read More: educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

~a month (or two) of unschool~ expedition to the east pole

i took last month off from posting, since quinn and i lost 3 whole weeks together. but i looked back and there were still a few gems from last month, so today i’m posting our last two months of unschooling.

~we’ve been learning a lot about how . . . → Read More: ~a month (or two) of unschool~ expedition to the east pole

radical potty unschooling

unschooling at its core is the recognition that learning happens through living- all the time, everywhere.

i’ve heard unschooling explained by some who describe the way a child learns to walk, and how a child doesn’t ever really need a lesson in walking- it just happens. a child can’t help but learn to walk, given . . . → Read More: radical potty unschooling

on being born

quotes from my three-and-a-half year old (he just celebrated his half birthday!) on babies, and the way they are born….


“now i’m big. i used to be a little guy/little baby, but then i got bigger, and now i’m big!” around this time he was . . . → Read More: on being born