~a month of unschool~

i am still working on filling in gaps in the past several months for this series, one of which is back-dated here, but wanted to be sure to post a bit of our past month of unschooling while it’s still fresh in my mind.

~homeschool group ocean currents/salinity/waves unit~

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where fedex fears to tread

i love our home. i love the laundry running on the super-dry cycle by the woodstove. i love the christmas lights twinkling all around the rooms. i love the enormous trees surrounding our home like they are the world’s tallest sentries standing guard. i love the moss on the roof. i love the long . . . → Read More: where fedex fears to tread

team quinn

all in all, i think team quinn prevailed on wednesday. but i really think it would be great if all of the 20 or so people who were in that conference room on wednesday would join team quinn.

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~a month of unschool~ adventing

(posted june 2013)

~mathing; uno, mama-made worksheets upon request~

~arting; fine arts, music and drama~

~reading; more mama worksheets, lots of harry potter at bedtime, and books with friends~

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sometimes academics happen at bedtime. the other night, quinn was trying to figure out what time it was and we ended up having a whole math lesson on counting by fives (he took over at 55 and went to 100 after i got him started) at which point we learned it had been 7:35 (but . . . → Read More: elevens

~this moment~ strawberry math and toy story phonics

(rex, woody, and zurg)

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

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a month of unschool

~the pictures are always so dimly lit this time of year… but i noticed i could see my hands this morning as i was getting in my car, and i can tell there will be sufficient daylight for photography soon! ~ holidays are great unschool time: what’s not educational . . . → Read More: a month of unschool

a month of unschool

~ lots of active outdoor play when we get breaks in the rain ~ mulching and harvesting 3 kinds of kale and 2 kinds of chard from our community garden plot ~ observing and picking up beach plastic and talking about the dead seagull we saw (a lot) ~ . . . → Read More: a month of unschool