~thankful thursday~ soft walls

I keep turning toward it, and it keeps being there to greet me. . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ soft walls

~rainbow mondays~ snow capped nest

This is my New York rainbow… as you may be able to guess, it features a lot of white! . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ snow capped nest


I’d like to get back there one day. . . . → Read More: missing

mother hands

Patricia Ann, Anna Hilda, Hilda Louise, Anna Louise, but beyond my great great grandmother even names fade out of memory. I repeat their names today, as I began to do on my first mother’s day as a mama. . . . → Read More: mother hands

thankful thursday ~ search your feelings

i got rich a new and safer welding hood for work, and when he tried it on, he vaguely resembled darth vader. i expressed doubt that the person in front of me was my husband, so he told me, “search your feelings. you know it to be true.” i’m grateful for both the frequency and intensity of the laughter he brings me. . . . → Read More: thankful thursday ~ search your feelings

~thankful thursday~ warmth, choke slams, baseball and apple pie

she has become an autodidact expert in vintage apple variety identification. she also makes the best apple pie which she taught my brothers and i to do as well and has given us all a wonderful gift by unearthing information about the chenango strawberry, winter banana, red astrachan, hubbardston none-such, and blue pearmain apple varieties that she and my dad are rehabilitating. see, didn’t you just feel like you got a gift, reading those amazing names? . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ warmth, choke slams, baseball and apple pie