a month or two in the life of a lifelong learner ~ wait just a new york minute

two months fly by quickly when they are august and september… one minute you’re camping on the river, playing baseball and pokemon and dungeons and dragons, and the next minute you’re in new york visiting family, then whammo! school starts. whew! time for a lifelong learning check-in at last!

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~this moment~ three by three

may 2013

october 2014

september 1, 2015

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember

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a year in the life of a lifelong learner

i have been delinquent on posting ~a month of unschool~ for so many months now, that it is time for an update on a whole year! i gave up on the idea of back-dating the posts and decided to do one giant long post of the whole year in the life of one . . . → Read More: a year in the life of a lifelong learner

more ny beauty

on the outside chance you are not weary of photos from my new camera yet… a few more photos from our trip to new york. (i promise, i culled them! we’re almost there!)


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artsy farmsy

this one is a little bittersweet for me… looking through the lens of a camera leads me sometimes to observe more deeply what is happening in the world around me, and really take in realities like the deterioration of the farm i grew up on; the place where i learned that i am a . . . → Read More: artsy farmsy

sunset bonfire

a sunset bonfire was lit.

folk songs were sung. roger miller, john denver, and in spite of my mom’s pleading, the very unfortunate man. country roads, take me home gets me in the ganechtagazoink every time.

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plowing the garden

the first pass

quinn asked grampy as soon as he got home from work, the day we arrived, “can i come ride on the tractor with you every time you drive it while i’m here?” the timing of our trip worked out perfectly as we got to be there for both mother’s . . . → Read More: plowing the garden

NY rocks

what has NY got that we don’t got in oregon? we might have gigantic trees and the biggest ocean in our coastal bioregion, but there are some ways that new york outshines us.

woodchucks. high prevalence. not available in oregon.

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quinn <3 NY

surplus photos of quinn thoroughly enjoying his vacation to grammy and grampy’s house!


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family ~ wait, i’m a cousin?!

i have a passel of posts planned for the next week or so, to share about our trip to central new york to visit my family. i took many, many photos with my new camera, and mine were not the only fingers clicking that shutter. the week flew by so quickly that a little reliving . . . → Read More: family ~ wait, i’m a cousin?!