~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

just 23 of my favorite images from the past few busy weeks.


red: seeing the vacation house spring blooms appearing is a happy side effect of living there 2 or 3 seasons longer than we originally anticipated. it has continued to be a haven of beautiful wonders to behold, you gotta love . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

~rainbow mondays~ tomato surprise

red: ashberry tree behind our living school where a flock of cedar waxwings has arrived on their annual migration to devour every berry.

orange: quinn at the easel, a turtle peeking from his shell.

yellow: a surprise tomato variety in my greenhouse; . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ tomato surprise

around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass

(easter 2011 wheatgrass, half-grown)

the wheatgrass easter basket idea has made the blog rounds for years and i don’t know whose original idea it was or i’d give credit. we are a week into our easter grass growth for 2013, but believe me, there is still plenty of time if you want . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass

~around the farm~ a panda in the bamboo

as i was readying my camera to attempt to take pictures of quinn chasing dragonflies, i got this “awesome” shot of my man’s elbow, and our two grubby yardwork pantlegs. sitting on the bench in the backyard, taking a break, as we do. i love mistake photos that capture just exactly how it is.

. . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ a panda in the bamboo

~around the farm~ manure wealth

last week i made some new compost bins. look at that fine joinery (haha, i did not take any closeups, because i perform joinery with scrap ropes off the beach, not fasteners.)

how i know my man really, really likes me: he let me fill up his truck with manure. i mucked out my friend’s . . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ manure wealth

around the farm

enjoy the quiet today.

other posts you may enjoy:a natural beautyboy wonderquinn’s sixteenth month ~ big steps!~rainbow . . . → Read More: around the farm

around the farm

between living vicariously through real farmers, and holding my future farming intentions very much at the forefront of my attention right now, hoping to attract all kinds of power from the universe, i am sticking with the title “around the farm” for my sporadic thursday garden tours (i began doing this, inspired by farmama, and . . . → Read More: around the farm

challenging the notion that good food costs more

pectin-free jams sweetened with honey: marionberry lavender, blueberry lemon, whole pitted cherries in honey (not jam), strawberry-raspberry with balsamic vinegar jam, marionberry jam

i want to challenge the idea that eating well means shelling out a lot of cash. i define “well” like i’m sure many consumers do, as organic, sustainably harvested, chemical-free, obtained . . . → Read More: challenging the notion that good food costs more

around the farm ~ birds and bees

as we approach the peak of gardening abundance, it is hard to squeeze in time to post and share all the beauty and bounty! this will be photo heavy and easy breezy on the words, in that spirit.

my entire last roll of film contained only photos of flowers with either a bird or . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ birds and bees

~this moment~

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

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