pancakes then and now

sunday is pancake day at the dragon house, and often i think of the other pancakes while i am stirring batter and pouring maple syrup. on this chilly fall morning, i added cinnamon and apple slices. for anyone newer to reading my blog, i don’t use the real names of other peoples’ children. years ago . . . → Read More: pancakes then and now

~a month in the life of a lifelong learner~ sprouting spring spirit

spring means sprouts… bringing back an old favorite easter tradition, we grew some wheat grass in an easter basket. r2d2 and baseball eggs filled with jelly beans rounded out the holiday fun, since easter (and christmas) were all still in storage.

we celebrated our traditional st. patty’s . . . → Read More: ~a month in the life of a lifelong learner~ sprouting spring spirit

~rainbow mondays~ pink trees and pancakes

it’s a birthday week rainbow!

black: quinn outgrew rich’s son’s karate uniform, and now b pancake fits in it… almost! bringing her to karate was probably the highlight of quinn’s time with the pancakes…

pink: approaching cautiously, we are able to observe the elusive birthday man species in his natural setting (pink-flowered . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ pink trees and pancakes

38 is great!

my 38th birthday started off a little bit earlier than i might have preferred, but it was for a good reason. i needed to feed my 32 tanks full of larval herring their breakfast, which is a 2-hour process each morning, and i am the sunday fish feeder… and instead of doing that work from . . . → Read More: 38 is great!

a year in the life of a lifelong learner

i have been delinquent on posting ~a month of unschool~ for so many months now, that it is time for an update on a whole year! i gave up on the idea of back-dating the posts and decided to do one giant long post of the whole year in the life of one . . . → Read More: a year in the life of a lifelong learner

8 is great!

more of our magical weekend of celebrating quinn’s 8th birthday…

we invited our chosen family and also actual family (the pancakes!) to a dragon party. we were blessed with gorgeous weather (the breeze was a little chilly, but the sun was magnificent!) so i was up at 6 am popping up the canopy and setting . . . → Read More: 8 is great!

the sideburns have been tampered with

it took me a whole week to notice that my favorite sideburns have been tampered with for the good of community theatre. at first i was shocked, i mean i have not exactly made it a secret that i like looking at my fellow, and that i think he has a handsome face, where his . . . → Read More: the sideburns have been tampered with

2012; whole lotta love

my word for 2012 is whole. the nice thing about wholeness is that it doesn’t end when this year fades into the next; if anything it just gets better with age. i didn’t actually write much specifically about my word for the year, but on the other hand, i was writing about it every time . . . → Read More: 2012; whole lotta love

ornithology of gratitude

friday found me sandwiched squarely in the center of a kitchen full of women, two of whom are older than me (the three of us singing along in four part harmony to arlo, doing our part to end war) and two of whom are younger than me (an attentive young mother who parents by instinct . . . → Read More: ornithology of gratitude

attitude adjustment

tuesday morning after rich left for work i made tea and read the rolling stone article about bob dylan, and waited for the stroke of 8 so i could call the unemployment office without the 75 minute hold time. the way my adrenalin was pumping was like waiting for concert tickets to go on sale. . . . → Read More: attitude adjustment