~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

~written november 2018~

“there’s a line of babies. which one would you choose?” still exploring the concept of being born, his wording of a line of babies was still the imagery he returned to. whether he was recalling something from before his birth, or describing his . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-third month~ untamed wildness

~quinn’s fortieth month~ rebirth

~written november 2018~

four weeks of farmer’s market, in a nutshell:

drizzly networking market; brought in enough cash to pay for a bike trailer; $99 and sunshine; fantastic and packed with friends.

the day we got our bike trailer, there was still enough light . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s fortieth month~ rebirth

quinn’s twenty-eighth month ~ heffalumps and woozles

5-24-09 (added 8-18-2020 from the found notebook)

Seal rock, walk to bay front, late nap. Hot dogs and ranch. Then, “my body wants yoburp! I’ll have the blue one, and have the red one at dada’s shop.”


a couple of quinn’s spiral drawings…. i am not making this up!

. . . → Read More: quinn’s twenty-eighth month ~ heffalumps and woozles